How To Clean Sofa Fabric at Home

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Cleaning Tip Of Sofa fabric at Home:

In every home, the sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture. Whether you spend most of your time, sitting, relaxing, or watching movies with friends and family. The first thing that visitors notice is the sofa. Keeping your upholstery fabric clean at home will maintain its look, keeping its colors bright and textures will be maintained.HERE is the tips to get answer how to clean sofa fabric at home easily

Your couch sets’ upholstery will last longer if you keep them clean. Cleaning fabric furniture can help them keep their original appearance for a longer period.


Cleaning helps get rid of stains, moisture, and bad odors that accumulate. In addition, if you have dogs, the dirt they track in on their muddy paws and fur. These substances can contaminate the couch and sicken your kids or other family members.


By cleaning the sofa at home, the living room is scented and appears cozier.



Check first, Before you Clean:

you should check your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for their care, we find these recommendations on your sofa’s tags.


1. Get to the Stains Immediately:

Any stains or spills should be cleaned up quickly. Leaving it for some time will make it harder to remove the stains. The easy way to remove the spills or stains takes action faster.

2. Check the Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

Before attempting to remove stains from your sofa. You should need to check the manufacturer’s instructions for care, they usually found these recommendations on the sofa’s tags.

 3. Cleaning Codes of Fabric Sofa:

What are cleaning codes? Do you know that? So, those random letters which you find in your sofa’s tags are cleaning codes.

Types of Cleaning Codes:

  • W_ “Water-based cleaning”:

W stands for water-based cleaner. It’s a simple and easy cleaning code. It’s okay to clean this material with just water -main component water-

  • S_ “Solvent-based cleaning”:

S refers to solvent-based cleaner. That means dry cleaning products or solvent-based cleaners can be used in this material. Don’t use water-only solvent-based cleaner.

  • W/S_” Water- or solvent-based cleaning”:

W/S is a combination of cleaning codes. It stands for water and solvent-based cleaners. This cleaning code is safe to use for both of them solvent and water-based cleaners.

  • X_” Vacuuming or light brushing only”:

X refers to vacuum or light brushing which means you can only clean the sofa by brushing and vacuuming this cleaning method, you do not use water or solvent-based cleaners.


At least vacuumed monthly to remove dust and particles so the sofa’s fabric look will maintain.




At Home how to Clean a Couch Fabric:

Pre-Test Tip:

A good tip would be to pre-test it on a small area first, if it does not satisfy you the cleaning method you’re going to use will ruin the sofa, so first, try this pre-test tip. If the couch fabric doesn’t get any damage, keep going and clean the full sofa.

Some Steps to Clean a Sofa’s Fabric:

There are some steps to cleaning the sofa’s fabric. Below.

Step No.1: Brush the Couch Covers:

By using a brush you can easily remove dirt particles that have collected and fallen behind in the corners and along the edges.


Step No.2: Applying Baking Soda:

Removing stains with baking soda is a quick way. Baking soda is just not for baking it’s also used for cleaning. In a bowl, you can equally mix, water and baking soda and applied the sofa’s stain part. Let the solution dry, and wait for 20 to 25 minutes when the once baking soda dries clean with a vacuum and brush.

[Note: For sofas labeled W and W/S]

Step No.3: Remove Stains With Water, Dish Soap & Vinegar:

Cleaning stains from these sofas are easy. In a spray bottle, you can combine 2 to 3 parts of water, 1 part of white vinegar, and 1 part of any dishing soap. Apply this mixture to your couch’s stain part then rub with a dry clean cloth/towel. After this, again rub with only some water to remove the mixture.

[Note: For sofas labeled W and W/S]

Step No.4: Clean Fabric Sofa with Steam:

Before using a steam cleaner, you need to check that your sofa can tolerate the heat -check the manufacturer’s recommendation- Stream cleaner helps to kill germs and bacteria that have been hiding on the couch.

[Note: For sofas labeled W and W/S]

Step No.5: Clean with Fabric Sofa Cleaner:

In the market, there are many types of sofa cleaners available at a reasonable price before you purchase any cleaner you need to check your sofa cleaning code.

[Note: For sofas labeled W and W/S]



Step No.6: Clean with Vacuum:

This step is an easy way to remove dirt and any other particles on the Sofas. Before cleaning, vacuuming your sofa it makes a lot easier to clean. By vacuuming you easily identify the stain.


Step No.7: Dry the Fabric Sofa with Cloth/Towel:

After deep cleaning and vacuuming, it is important to dry the Sofa’s fabric. Dry the fabric sofa with a dry towel/cloth by pressing gently on the wet area till repeat this when the sofa is dry to your touch.


Step No.8: Dry the Fabric Sofa with Air:

Do not place any objects or sit on the wet sofa let them dry by air open the windows so fresh air comes in.

You can also dry the fabric sofa with a fan. To make sure the area dries fully, direct a fan at it.

How to Clean Couch’s Fabric Smell:

When you’re done cleaning, it’s important to remove the sofa’s fabric smell. Smell that gathers by stains and time.

Get rid of the smell, sprinkle baking soda on the stubborn stain part, and give it some time to work, about 30 minutes to 1 hour, then vacuum.

White vinegar and water also get rid of the smell. In a spray bottle mix, equally water and vinegar then apply this solution to the entire sofa and let the sofa dry completely, it makes smell better.

Dry Cleaning solutions have a very strong odor. To get rid of the smell open the doors, and windows and let the fresh air come in.

These methods are the better way to effectively eliminate dirt and smell on the fabric sofa.

How to Clean Fabric Sofa Covers:

  • Read the product care labels to know how to wash the cover.
  • Use a washing machine if the covers are machine-washable and wash them with laundry detergent.
  • Brush them if the covers aren’t machine washable.
  • Wipe the covers with a dry clean cloth.
  • Hang them to dry in the Sun. The rays directly from the Sun will help to dry the covers.

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