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No Tomatoes for Cooking??… Don’t Worry!!! BEST alertive for tomatoes

Tomatoes are featured prominently in a wide variety of recipes and are present in a large number of cuisines. This common fruit does indeed have a unique flavor that can be difficultd to replicate but is not insurmountable. With these substitute for tomato paste, you may add a variety of flavors to your traditional or contemporary tomato-based dishes. 

Since tomatoes are used in such large quantities in most recipes, it might be difficult to find a suitable replacement. They can be used whole or ground up to make pastes, sauces, and seasonings. Your replacement will therefore need to play the specific part that the tomato was meant to play. 

Are you looking for a good alternate for tomatoes?

Stick around as we share some of the best tomato substitutes you can use in your cooking recipe. 

One of the most well-known and widely used veggies in the world is the tomato. Many parts of the world cultivate and consume them, and they appear in a broad range of diverse recipes as well. 

substitute for tomato paste in Dishes 



“You can maintain the beneficial bacteria in your GI tract by eating yoghurt every day. The improvement of gut and immunological health results from these beneficial bacteria’s ability to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.” 

In place of tomatoes, a recipe can use this mixture. Your food will have more flavor thanks to these souring agents. Your recipe’s other ingredients will determine what substitutions you can use. Choose a souring agent that complements the other ingredients in your dish as much as possible. 


Tropical Africa and southern Asia are home to the tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica). In Asian culture, the fruit pulp is commonly used. Tamarind includes compounds that may serve as laxatives and have antifungal and antibacterial properties. 

One of the more expensive choices on the list is this. However, the cost is justified. When prepared properly, tamarind’s distinctive sweet and sour flavor makes it a great alternative to tomatoes. It works particularly well in Indian, Asian, or Mexican dishes. 

You’ll adore how the tamarind will complement the dish if you enjoy spicy food. 

Un ripened Mango 

Green mangoes are another name for raw mangoes that have just reached maturity. Mangoes are found in subtropical and tropical climates all over the world at the tips of long stems on evergreen trees. 

This unexpected replacement has a tangy flavor and a consistency akin to tomatoes. Put them on a salad or a sandwich after being chopped up. They also work nicely in tomato-based pastes and salsas. Try it in Tuscan chicken as well. Later on, you can thank me. 


The B9 vitamin folate, which is abundant in beets, supports cell growth and function. Folate is essential for preventing blood vessel damage, which lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. Beets naturally contain a lot of nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide. 

Some people might find this one a little unexpected. However, if you simmer them down, peel, and puree them (a pressure cooker works excellent for this), you’ll discover that the texture is remarkably akternate of tomato paste or sauce. You can proceed after adding some vinegar and citrus. 

Powdered raw mango 

Strong antioxidants found in mangoes ensure regular bowel movements and help fight constipation and gas. Regularly consuming amchur powder and cooking with it could help you have a better digestive system. 

Popularly referred to as “Amchur Powder,” it is simple to make at home or to purchase a packet that has already  prepared. You may add it to daal , chutneys, and curries, and believe us when we say you won’t miss tomatoes. 

Red Capsicum / Red Bell Peppers 

Vitamin C content in capsicum is very high. In fact, among the majority of fruits and vegetables, red capsicum contains the greatest level of vitamin C. Vitamin C-rich foods are good for the immune system. By promoting the development of white blood cells, the vitamin C in capsicum can defend the body against illness. 

Fresh or grilled red capsicum (bell peppers) can use  for tomatoes alternative because they have the beautiful red color and sweetness that tomatoes provide. 

best alternate of tomato in urdutomato alternate in urdu

substitute for tomato paste

tomato alternate in urdu

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